David A. Sutton

Collaborative Anthologies & Magazines




Edited by David Sutton & Stephen Jones (5 volumes)

Dark Voices 2: The Pan Book of Horror, Pan Books 1990

Dark Voices 6: The Pan Book of Horror, Pan Books 1994.

The series was a continuation of The Pan Book of Horror Stories.




In 1990 Stephen Jones and Clarence Paget published Dark Voices: The Best from the Pan Book of Horror Stories, which led to the revival of the Pan horror series under its new 'Dark Voices' name. (The Pan Book of Horror Stories, edited by Herbert van Thal and later on by Clarence Paget, ran from 1959 and published 30 annual volumes). Pan Books published the new series in five further volumes before the title was wound up.





FANTASY TALES anthologies reprinting fiction from the magazine, edited by Stephen Jones & David Sutton:

The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales, Robinson Publishing 1988. The Giant Book of Fantasy TalesRobinson Publishing 1996.



FANTASY TALES paperback magazine, edited by Stephen Jones & David Sutton:

Robinson Publishing. We edited seven issues which were published between 1988 - 1991.

Two covers from the original FANTASY TALES magazine, edited by Stephen Jones & David Sutton:

Seventeen issues were published between 1977- 1987.